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President's Message

The LFIP - Lycée Français International de Porto - is an integral part of the network of educational establishments of the AEFE and is among the most well-known of those establishments abroad.

The LFIP owes its renown to the excellence of the results obtained.  The graduating class of 2020 is a recent proof of this with a 100% success rate on the Baccalaureate, and a high number of Mentions.

These results make us very proud and we owe them in great part to the dedication and professionalism of the teaching staff.

In the heart of the city of Porto, adjacent to the Serralves Museum and the City Park and not far from the ocean, the LFIP benefits from an exceptional location. The property of the Association Marius Latour offers to those who study and work there a harmonious and serene natural environment.

It is in these privileged conditions that our students learn, develop their capacities and grow.

All of the levels of education are in conformity with the French state, from the 3-year-old class in the Pre-School to the Finishing classes.  The school is also recognised by the Portuguese authorities.

The LFIP applies the educational aims and the fundamental principles of public secular education in France.  The diversity of opinions, beliefs, languages and nationalities is accepted in a climate of tolerance, listening and mutual respect.

The Board of Administration, the executive body which holds financial and legal responsibility for the establishment, is part of the Association Marius Latour.  It meets regularly to consider and take necessary decisions for the smooth running of the LFIP.  It creates a budget and is committed to ensuring a sound and balanced financial management, with the aim of annually improving the facilities and tools  for learning at the LFIP.

The Board of Administration has signed a Convention with the French government (Agency for French Education Abroad).  It works in close contact with the educational management: the Director, the Director of the Primary School and the Administrative Director. The Board enables the LFIP to respond to the ever-increasing requests for enrollment, balanced with a concern for the quality of intake and the educational methods.

The priority of all the members of the Board of Administration, who voluntarily comply with the regime, is that our students can study in the best conditions possible, in this exceptional environment, and they can be happy and retain a lasting memory of the years which they passed with us at the LFIP.